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  • 10 vibes for Kahramanmaraş

    like locals

    Museum of Kahramanmaraş: Beginning with the Palaeolithic period, artifacts from the Neolithic, Chalcolithic, Bronze Age, Iron Age, Greek, Roman and Byzantine periods are exhibited.

    The Castle of Kahramanmaraş: The castle was built in the Late Hittite Period and underwent restorations and additions during times of Assyrian, Medes, Persian, Kingdom of Cappadocia, Roman Empire, Byzantine, Seljuks of Anatolia, Ottoman Empire and Turkish Republic rule. It survives to the present day.

    Grand Mosque: Bearing the architectural style characteristics of the Anatolian Beyliks and the Early Period of the Anatolian Seljuks, the ornamentation and patterns on its minaret draw attention, as do its recessed arch, mihrab and minbar.

    Historical Bazaars of Maraş: The Kapalı Çarşı, Saraçhane, Bakırcılar, Semerciler, Mazmanlar, Kazzazlar, Demirciler Bazaar and the many workshops and shops clustered around them, serve in the field of traditional handicrafts. This is a notable centre in Türkiye, where traditional handicrafts are intensively practiced.

    Taş Bridge, or Ceyhan Bridge: Believed to have been built in the 15th century, the 158-meter bridge maintains its original appearance.

    Jeweller’s Bazaar: You can discover many types of Maraş burma bracelets, jewellery shaped by the works of knitting, beehive-shaped and latticed laces, and wedding rings, necklaces, bracelets and belts made using both traditional and modern tools by master jewellers in the workshops of the bazaar, as handicrafts with high artistic value.

    Ilıca and Döngele Hot Springs: The hot springs, which draw visitors who seek healing for their conditions throughout the year, attract attention with their beneficial geothermal waters, plateaus and natural beauties.

    Yeşilgöz Pothole: The clarity of its water and its peerless nature are admired by its visitors.  

    Maraş Ice Cream: Made with goat’s milk, sahlep and sugar. The goats graze on rattleweed (astragalus), giving the ice cream a distinctive flavour.

    Seven Beautiful Men Literature Museum: Set in the Gazipaşa Quarter of the Dulkadiroğlu District, the historic high school of Maraş was built in the 1850s and housed various educational establishments for nearly 80 years. The ‘Seven Beautiful Men’ name is taken from Maraş author Cahit Zarifoğlu's second book of poems, “Yedi Güzel Adam (Seven Beautiful Men)” and the works of various Turkish poets and philosophers, some of whose paths had crossed in the school in the 1950s are displayed. Along with their writings, their memories are cherished in this museum, opened in 2019.