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    Jewelers’ Bazaar

    Jewellery is prominent within traditional handicrafts. There are numerous examples of the Maraş jewellery tradition, including "burma" bracelets, knitted and embroidered jewellery, and beehive-shaped and latticed necklaces, as well as wedding rings, and bracelets and belts created with both traditional and modern tools by craftspeople in the workshops of the bazaar. Many of these are handicrafts of high artistic value!

    Traditional Handicrafts

    Kahramanmaraş is among Türkiye's centres for traditional handicrafts. The city’s historical bazaars, including the Kapalı Çarşı, Saraçhane, Bakırcılar, Semerciler and Demirciler, along with the many workshops and shops clustered around them, offer much to see with regard to traditional crafts. Among these are gold-thread embroidery, coppersmiths, flat-heeled shoemaking, felt making, pot-making, wood carving, saddlery, knife making, jewellery and blacksmithing. The foundation of these still-thriving historic bazaars dates from the period of Beylik of Dulkadir. The bazaars and the handicraft traditions – visible at every stage of production – are a lively display of local culture, almost as if they are open-air museums.