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    Discover the healing benefits of the hot springs of Kahramanmaraş, and breath in the fresh, oxygen-rich air of its nature parks and Plateaus!

    Ilıca and Döngele Hot Springs

    It is easy to get to the Ilıca Hot Springs, which are 70 km from the centre of Kahramanmaraş. As well, the journey includes a 12-kilometre section of road from the edge of the Menzelet Dam that features the wonderful landscapes of Kahramanmaraş.

    Open throughout the year, the hot springs draw visitors seeking relaxation or the healing benefits of the geothermal waters. The Plateaus and other natural beauties in the area also attract attention.

    The Döngele Hot Springs are in Döngele village of the Onikişubat district. The waters are 38 degrees (C) and the Hot Springs also offer accommodation facilities for visitors and tourists.

    Ekinözü Mineral Springs

    In the Ekinözü district, these springs rich with natural minerals are said to provide health benefits. Visited by thousands of people each year, the springs consist of three natural water sources: The Higher, Central and Lower springs – the Central hot springs have mud baths. the Ekinözü Mineral Springs were a resting and accommodation point along the Elbistan Trade Routes used in the Seljuk and Ottoman periods and there were many inns in the region. The mineral springs became very well known, due to their location. throughout the surrounding provinces.

    Başkonuş Plateau

    The Başkonuş Plateau (Başkonuş Yaylası) is a wonder of nature, hosting many indigenous flowers and plants, most notably hyacinth and orchid. It is also a stopover for migratory birds and a habitat for endemic birds, as well as deer. Trees such as firs, cedars, oaks, and junipers grow in abundance.

    In 1987, Başkonuş was established as a deer breeding preserve; sometime later, the deer were released into the wild. Trekkers will, at times, come across groups of deer.  

    The area includes a rustic restaurant, chalets, recreation, and picnic areas, a camp and caravan site, playgrounds and hiking trails. There is an accommodation facility as well, about 1,325 metres above sea level.

    The hike to the summit of Başkonuş Plateau, which is around 1,850 metres above sea level, is 4,100 metres. The views of the surrounding landscape are magnificent. About 1,300 metres along the path to the summit is another path of about 1,200 metres that leads to the Sersem Plateaus, with an altitude of 1,650 metres. From this area, visitors can view storks stopping along their migratory routes.

    Yavşan Plateau

    Yavşan Plateau (Yavşan Yaylası) is 36 km from the city centre. It features ancient cedar trees – 600 to 700 years old – and a variety of endemic flora and fauna. Scientific studies conducted on the Plateau revealed that 534 ranales distributed over 67 families and 287 species, of which 68 (12.7 %) are endemic. Among the species that grow naturally in our country are the coniferous species Taurus Fir (Abies cilicica), Taurus Cedar (Cedrus libani), black pine and juniper. Other species such as aspen and oak can also be observed. Wild walnut trees grow near the streams.

    Kapıçam Nature Park

    Kapıçam Nature Park is 5 km from the city centre, set on the road to Gaziantep. The park covers an area of 183 hectares and includes a five-hectare Arboretum, The Arboretum hosts 425 endemic, herbaceous and woody plant species, as well as three artificial ponds. There are also facilities for extreme sports, games, and entertainment in the area.

    Yedikuyular Ski Resort

    Set in the Dulkadiroğlu district, the ski resort is 15 minutes from the city centre. The facility covers an area of 1,000,000 square metres and features mountain huts, a ski rental unit, a health unit, a restaurant and a cafe, community facilities, and tracks for both amateur and professional skiers.

    Fırnız Çayı Recreation Area

    Established near the Fırnız Çayı (Fırnız Creek), this beautiful forested recreation area is often described as a hidden paradise. The water is of an extraordinarily high quality, with its source deriving from the Şuul, 785 metres in altitude.

    Menzelet Dam Lake and Recreation Area

    Set on an area of 130,000 square metres, Menzelet Recreation Area (Menzelet Mesire Alanı) offers green areas, bowers, barbeques, picnic tables, fountains and playgrounds, as well as panoramic views of the dam.